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Book contract

Mike Neary has signed a contract with Zero books to publish a monograph on the topic of  Student as Producer and how it extends beyond the University of Lincoln.

Student as Producer – How Do Revolutionary Teachers Teach?


This book seeks to recover the idea of the university as a progressive political project. It does this through an engagement with the radical history of higher education, a review of the work of revolutionary teachers, e.g. Hegel, Vygotsky, Friere, Ranciere, Illich, hooks, and a dialogue with the movement of opposition against funding cuts to universities in the UK and around the world.  The book provides an  account of the way a group of  academics and students are attempting to construct a radical form of higher education out of the ruins of the current arrangement. The book provides a compelling account of how revolutionary ideas, e.g., melancholia, magic, comedy and poesis, can be used to reinvent the university as the highest form of social knowing, grounded in a project to confront the many global emergencies that define the contemporary world.  These ideas are used to frame a range of radical practices and principles on which to base revolutionary forms of teaching. These practices include interruption and astonishment,  dissolving the difference between manual and intellectual labour, experimenting with history and  encouraging the positive power of negative thinking ( dialectics), i.e., not teaching, so that we all might learn.