Student as Producer in Practice

This site contains examples of modules from across the University of Lincoln which demonstrate principles of Student as Producer. It is intended to show existing practice as a way of informing further development

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Self Assessments of Student as Producer Activity

In 2011, all academic schools and departments were asked to complete a self-assessment of the extent to which their curricula are aligned with the principles of Student as Producer. This summary report provides an institutional baseline.


A template for the second iteration of this exercise is available below



Project Reports

Student as Producer is funded through the HEA NTFS Projects Programme 2010-13. Progress reports are provided every 6-months, and are available rom the links below.

NTFS_Six_month_progress_report-Jan12_final – 6-month report, January 2012
NTFS_year_end_progress_report-2011 – Year One report, July 2011
Student_as_producer_Six_month_progress_report_Jan11 – 6-month report, January 2011


User’s Guide

This document outlines the practices and principles of Research-Engaged Teaching and Learning that underpin the Student as Producer Initiative

User’s Guide (Updated July 2012)

Key Features

The principle of Student as producer is defined by 8 key features

Click here to read a summary

Evaluation Framework

An evaluation framework has been developed using a ‘Theory of Change’ approach. This latest version of the framework was published in June 2012




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Festival of  Teaching and Learning

Dean Lockwood, Rob Coley and Adam O’ Meara (2011) Rhizomes Meets Student as Producer

Student Engagement and Promotion Strategy

Strategy developed October 2011 by Wesley Wells and Dan Derricott (final level students in Lincoln Business School)



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