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Student as Producer – short film

Students from the Lincoln School of Journalism have produced a short film about Student as Producer. The film was commissioned by NUS Scotland for their 2012 annual conference, which was held in Edinburgh.

The film is structured around three main principles that define Student as Producer:

  • a model for curriculum design
  • a framework for institutional change
  • as part of a global social movement for the recovery of the university as a radical political project


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Student as Producer at British Conference for Undergraduate Research 2012


British Conference for Undergraduate Research 2012  was held on the 19th and 20th of March 2012 at The University of Warwick and was organised by Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning. It was open to all and featured spoken papers, lectures, poster presentations, performances and workshops delivered by undergraduate students presenting their own work, as well as discussion on developing undergraduate research in UK universities. Prof Mike Neary ran a speed networking session for the students and gave the closing keynote.

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Evaluation update September 2012


The evaluation is based on the Teaching and Learning Plan Evaluation (Student as Producer), which incorporates Key Performance Indicators (May 2012).

The Plan distinguishes between internal and external sources of information that form the basis for determining the achievements of SaP. The data collection and analysis will be focused on the further improvements of SaP’s contribution to the research engaged teaching and learning strategy of the University.

Timeline, reporting structure and activities

Date Title content
15 October 2012 Baseline report Internal information sources

– quality processes, UROS, FED, academic outputs, conversations with participants, workshop, infrastructure (technology, learning landscapes, student experience, etc); recommendations for further SaP activities

15 February 2013 Impact report Impact of developmental SaP activities (documents, interviews, self-assessments, workshops), and of external information sources (impact on debate HE, academic outputs)
15 April 2013 Final report Analysis of the developments, summary of impact and recommendations for the teaching and learning strategy
End June 2013  (2 days) Conference Presentations, discussions and celebrations with an (inter)national invited speakers and audience at UoL

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Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences 4(3) Special Issue on Student as Producer

ELiSS – Enhancing Learning and Teaching in the Social Sciences

July 2012


This special issue of ELiSS, published by the Higher Education Academy and edited by Katie Strudwick and Jill Jameson, focuses on the Student as Producer agenda developed at the University of Lincoln.

The issue follows the development of Student as Producer  as an institutional priority at the University of Lincoln. Student as Producer focuses on the role of the student in engaging in research, collaborating with academic staff and becoming a producer of knowledge through a policy of research-informed teaching.

As part of this approach to teaching and learning, it explores innovative teaching practices and provides an opportunity to reflect on students’ experience of being involved in student as producer projects. Through case studies of innovative and research-engaged teaching, some papers offer a rare opportunity to listen to the student voice, including their reflections on the application of Facebook and podcasts as part of a teaching strategy. Wider discussions about the theoretical and moral shifts occurring in universities, the implications within HE following the Browne review, and a challenging of the broader purpose of universities are further explored in the longer academic papers.