UROS 2011 Projects


Projects funded through UROS 2011

Project Title: Fluorescent Powder Suspension for Fingerprint Development
Supervisor(s): Mark Baron
Student(s): Christina Elley
School: School of Natural and Applied Sciences


Project Title: An analysis of the properties of anti-angiogenesis as mitochondrial inhibitors; a novel mechanism of action of a new class of anti-cancer chemotherapies
Supervisor(s): Timothy Bates
Student(s): Sophie Cowper
School: School of Natural and Applied Sciences
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Project Title: Vision-based people counting system
Supervisor(s): Grzegorz Cielniak
Student(s): David Whitehead
School: School of Computer Science
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Project Title: Marriages between British servicemen and French civilians 1914-1918
Supervisor(s): Krista Cowman
Student(s):  Terry Brown / Judy Turner
School:  School of Humanities
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Project Title: Fingerprints on digital media – determinism of the order of deposition
Supervisor(s): Ruth Croxton
Student(s): Robert Morris
School: School of Natural and Applied Sciences
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Project Title: Bactericidal Properties of Silver Colloid on Surfaces
Supervisor(s): Ron Dixon
Student(s): Ann-Kathrin Bokelmann
School: School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Project Title: The Documentation and Analysis of the Monks Road Skeletal Collection
Supervisor(s):Gillian Fowler
Student(s): Robert Jackson / Emma Clarke
School: School of Natural and Applied Sciences
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Project Title: Geography, gender and reputation in the Church Courts of York 1400-1550
Supervisor(s): Philippa Hoskin
Student(s): Dianne Ranyard
School:  School of Humanities

Project Title:Can the use of controllable interactive digital objects provide welfare benefits to companion animals?
Supervisor(s):Shaun Lawson
Student(s): Amy Guy
School: School of Computer Science

Project Title: The relative importance of direct, indirect and generalized reciprocity
Supervisor(s): Bonaventura Majolo
Student(s): Lauren Treadgold
School: School of Psychology
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Project Title: Visualisation of the effects of antimicrobial peptides on bacterial cells
Supervisor(s): Clare Miller
Student(s): Charlotte Neely / Amy Ward
School: School of Natural and Applied Sciences
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Project Title: An investigation of the relative importance of vision of the preferred and non preferred hands during bimanual movements
Supervisor(s): Kirsty Miller
Student(s): Charlotte Evans
School: School of Psychology
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Project Title: Investigation into the adequacy of food and drink intake of 11-18 year olds during the school day
Supervisor(s): Anne Morris
Student(s): Claire Stratford / Eleanor Waddingham
School: School of Natural and Applied Sciences
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Project Title: The treatment of migrant workers in the UK
Supervisor(s): Angus Nurse
Student(s): Marta Lyall
School: Law School
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Project Title: PureFlow 2.0
Supervisor(s): Duncan Rowland
Student(s): Joshua O’Rourke
School: School of Computer Science
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Project Title: Development of UK Terrorism Law since 2000
Supervisor(s): Richard Stone
Student(s): Callum Peter Field
School:  Law School

Project Title: The impact of stereotypical gender information on written language production
Supervisor(s): Garry Wilson
Student(s): Jonathan Reed
School:School of Psychology
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