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Gathering Momentum

Interest and awareness in Student as Producer is growing across the University following the highly successful launch event. Mike Neary and Andy Hagyard have been touring the campuses talking to colleagues in both academic departments and professional support. So far we’ve been invited to meetings with ICT, Enterprise, Marketing, Programme Leaders in Art & Design, as well as Teaching & Learning Committees in HLSS and Business and Law: many more meetings are planned for the coming weeks. We’re also busily recruiting students to act as Student as Producer ambassadors.

The key message is that this is an institution-wide initiative that will impact on every aspect of university life, not just the taught curriculum. While there are plenty of questions to be answered, there is also a growing sense of excitement surrounding the opportunities that Student as Producer can provide.

One thought on “Gathering Momentum

  1. Library staff met Mike Neary earlier this week to discuss what Student as Producer means for the Library and the support we provide for students and staff.

    We enjoyed a brief history lesson and a lively discussion about the opportunites SaP offers. As a result Library staff will be divising a set of principles which will help guide us in how we develop our services and the Learning Development support we offer as the project progresses.

    Ian Snowley
    University Librarian

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